15 APRIL - 1 MAY 2018


Festival Introduction

Music that sounds like its composers imagined it. Musicians who dedicate themselves to their craft with devotion and passion. Audiences who bathe in the sun and music, carrying them to the abode of spiritual pleasure far from everyday life. Place where the astonishing young talents  meet world’s biggest musicians. New remarkable careers that take a marvelous start. Malta International Music Festival makes all this possible – and it has been doing so in dedication to music and arts.

Film about the Malta International Music Festival 2017 by Medici.tv music channel.


In the past an island of knights and pirates, and now one of the most cozy and picturesque corners of Europe, Malta is situated in the Mediterranean sea, to the south of Sicily. From ancient times, the rise of the Pleiades constellation in the sky in spring was thought to be a propitious omen for the beginning of navigation. constellation of classical music stars in Valletta, the capital of the island republic, marks the beginning of a season of summer festivals across the Mediterranean.

A big celebration of music

The 6th Malta International Music Festival will take place in Valetta from the 15th of April to the 1st of May 2018. Many exceptional musicians will take part in the festival: Maxim Vengerov, Ray Chen, Salvatore Accardo, Andreas Ottensamer, Nikolai Lugansky. The famous Russian opera singer Lyubov Kazarnovskaya will not only put on a concert, but will also recount the events of the festival in detail in an exclusive programming of the Medici TV channel. The legendary pianist Grigori Sokolov will take part in the festival for the second time in a row with a solo concert: he had already performed at the last festival and has happily agreed to come again.

Also, the winners of the final stage of the biggest series of eleven international piano competitions with a first prize of 100,000 Euro and a prize fund of 200,000 Euro will be known. The series has begun in July 2017 and takes place in 11 cities located across the Eurasian continent.

The final stage:

Who is the winner?

Commemorate anniversaries

The 115th anniversary of the great Soviet composer Aram Khachaturian will be celebrated with an exuberant symphony concert featuring celebrities and a large-scale exposition.


Discover new stars

Some of the young, rising stars will include, once again, the winner of the Tchaikovsky Competition, cellist Narek Akhnazaryan, and, for the first time, the winner of the Queen Elisabeth Competition, pianist Denis Kozhukhin.

World class orchestras and chamber ensembles will participate in the festival directed by the remarkable conductors. They will, most notably, preform for the first time a number of new works by modern composers, among them the Maltese composer Alexey Shor and the premier of his symphonic cycle for two orchestras „Images  from the  Great Siege“. The composer has dedicated his work to one of the most significant and famous historical events in the history of Malta: the unsuccessful attempt by the Ottoman Empire to invade the island in 1565, then held by the Maltese Knights.

A number of new works

Events in the historical venues

The concerts and events of the festival will take place in one of the oldest European buildings “Sacra Infermeria” (XVIth century), in which the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta is nowadays situated. The chamber concerts will take place in the Robert Samut Hall, one of the unique Maltese architectural structures of the XIXth century.

Mediterranean Conference Centre Valletta

Robert Samut Hall

Strong partners

Such events cannot be left without media attention. The TV Medici, Russian Cultura TV channel, Euronews, Washington Post, New York Times, Klassik FM, Orphey Radio, Malta Times, and the Itallian RAI Cultura TV channel have become important partners of the festival.

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