15 APRIL - 1 MAY 2018


Festival Introduction

Music that sounds like its composers imagined it. Musicians who dedicate themselves to their craft with devotion and passion. Audiences who bathes in the sun and music, carrying them to the abode of spiritual pleasure far from everyday life. Place where the the astonishing young talents  meet world’s biggest musicians. New remarkable careers that take a marvelous start. Malta International Music Festival makes all this possible – and it has been doing so in dedication to music and arts.

Moving moments 2017

Film about the Malta International Music Festival 2017 by Medici.tv music chanel.

Tickets & Info

Tel.: +356 77727222

Tel.: +356 2559 5750

Еuropean Foundation
for Support of Culture

36, Merchants Street Valletta,
VLT 1173 Republic of Malta.

Email: events@eufsc.eu
Web: www.maltafest.eu

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