Malta International Music Festival


Rehearsals Underway

15 June - 13 July 2022

Rehearsals Underway

21 May 2021

Rehearsals Underway

Over the course of the festival, the soloists shall be interpreting a wide variety of pieces ranging from across the history of classical music, and including works by composers Joseph Vella, Charles Camilleri and Alexey Shor.

The soloists have also been joined by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, led by Principal Conductor Sergey Smbatyan, in their rehearsals, with each of them set to perform at least one concert alongside the national orchestra. Additionally, one of the concerts shall consist of a piano trio, made up of pianist Vadym Kholodenko, cellist Andrei Ioniță and violinist Alena Baeva, while Kholodenko shall also be giving a solo piano recital on another date of the festival. Rehearsals for the piano trio and solo recital are currently being undertaken as well, with the musicians pulling out all the stops to ensure that everything will go smoothly in their respective performances.

 Once the rehearsals are completed, the concerts themselves shall begin, with each concert being broadcast online, with the dates for each broadcast set to be announced shortly.