Malta International Music Festival



15 June - 13 July 2022


South Czech Philharmonic

Nurie Chungviolin(South Korea)

Nikolai Managazzeviolin(UAE)

St Julian’s
Hilton, Grand Masters suite



Being a resident of UAE for many years Nikolai has an international career as conductor and virtuoso violinist. As part of his concert tours, Nikolai has performed in biggest halls around the world - (the Residence of the President of Russia, the Beethoven Hall of the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia, the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, the Small Hall and Rachmaninoff Hall, and other Philharmonics. It also includes Dubai Opera House, Emirates Palace, Damascus Opera House (Syria); Falla Theater, Villamarte Theater, Arasena Theater, Maestranza Theater (Spain); Teatro Real de Ribeira (Portugal); Teatro Deauville, Hôtel de Ville (France); Teatro Teresa Carreño, Teatro Alexander Humbolt (Venezuela), etc.) as well as in many prestigious halls of UAE (Dubai Opera, Emirates Palace, La Perle by Dragone - ceremony of the Ministry of Education in Al Habtoor City in Dubai sponsored by Mohammed bin Rashid, Fujairah Ministry of Culture with artist Ali Obeid, Centre for Musical Arts's Concerthall, NYU Abu Dhabi Chamber Series, Alliance Française in Dubai etc.) Nikolai has collaborated with numerous orchestras including the UAE National Symphony Orchestra, Moscow State Symphony Orchestra, Royal Seville Symphony Orchestra, Venezuelan Symphony Orchestra, Dubai Chamber, Togliatti Filharmonic Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra of Syria, Igor Lerman Chamber Orchestra, Baigbeder Orchestra and others. The virtuoso musician has appeared on stage with such renowned musicians as Graf Mourja,Valentin Uryupin Luca Debargue, Hayk Kazazian, Philippe Kopatchevsky, Dmitry Berlinsky, Roberto Kani, Bretislav Novotny, Aziz Shokhakimov, Alexander Zhurbin, etc.

Nikolai Managazze began his studies at the Central School of Music of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory (Moscow, 1998) at the class of Professor Ara Bogdanian at the age of seven. From 2005 to 2008 Nikolai took master-classes from Professors as Zakhar Bron, Viktor Pikaisen and Boris Belkin. From 2009 - with Nikolay Chumachenko, Sylvia Markovici, Virginia Robiar and Boris Kushnir. In 2011 he received the "Perfection" diploma at the Conservatoire de Versailles (France). Since 2012 he studied at the Conservatoire Alfred Cortot in Paris, where he received the Diploma with the highest jury score. In 2017 Nikolai was mastering his skills under mentorship of Vladimir Neimer in State Conservatory of Uzbekistan where he finished master-degree as Symphony Orchestra Conductor.

Ultimately, Niko is the consummate charismatic artiste. His inherent urge to share his music takes him all over the world to perform and teach. In his words, "It is important to ‘surprise’ the listeners when I play, when there is a dose of unexpectedness and anticipation in the ‘story of the music’, when the listener starts to sit upright, arresting focus to be led by the music, beyond the immediate senses…in such moments, the player, listener, notes and the space, become one. And my playing is privileged to will this exhilarating trance!"



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South Czech Philharmonic

The South Czech Philharmonic, based in Ceske Budejovice (Budweis), was founded in 1981; its original name was The South Bohemian State Orchestra. At present it comprises of 39 artists and remains the only professional philharmonic orchestra in the South Bohemian region. Origins of the orchestra are associated with a Czech conductor Jaroslav Vodnansky; subsequently, the position of Chief Conductor was held by Ondrej Kukal, Bretislav Novotny, Jaroslav Krecek, Stanislav Vavrinek and Jan Talich. The current Chief Conductor, Miran Vaupotić, has been leading the orchestra since 2021.

Besides interpreting the music of classical composers and pieces appropriate for chambre orchestras and smaller concert halls, the Philharmonic is dedicating increasing attention to the contemporary trend of interlinking genres and discovering new perspectives of both interpretation and presentation of music, and systematically strives to enhance its qualities. The majority of SCP members are young, ambitious, skillful and promising musicians, appreciating any opportunity to cooperate with other leading conductors and soloists.

At present, the South Czech Philharmonic aspires to maintain the interest of existing attenders, while focusing on a younger audience and wider public and thus attracting those South Bohemians who have so far been more or less indifferent to classical music. There can be no doubt that the orchestra has a sufficient capacity, enthusiasm, and the right direction to achieve all of that.


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